Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Gansler: Opportunistic and Untrustworthy

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I have no affiliation with any political campaign. I just know Doug Gansler. And like many of us who know Doug Gansler, I know him to care about only one thing: Doug Gansler. He is a pure opportunist, with absolutely no convictions except one: Do what's best for Doug Gansler.

Montgomery County voters should not have trusted him to be State's Attorney -- but what's done is done.

The state of Maryland, however, does not need a self-seeking, unprincipled narcissist as its Attorney General.

Do you know Doug Gansler? Am I right? I would encourage you to post your comments.

In the meantime, here are a few recent stories about Gansler. Some might make you laugh out loud. Some should be taken with a grain of salt.

This one is a good example of how much you can trust Gansler: The Gazette ran a story, Gansler says sniper trial cost less than $2,000; Sheriff, others put the costs closer to three-quarters of a million dollars — so far.

Are you laughing? That totally unneeded trial existed for one reason: To get Gansler on television. Of course it cost the taxpayers a fortune, but rather than admit that, Gansler just lies! And he gets away with it!!

Here's a story from the Washington Post: Democrats Look for Edge as Race Heats Up. This one notes that Gansler has been endorsed by Prince George's County Executive Jack B. Johnson. What the heck is up with that? Johnson should know better. How did Gansler con him into that? Or did he make Johnson some promises? Because what do you know, a few days later the Post has this story about Johnson: Prince George's County Executive Aids Friends; Jack Johnson has awarded contracts and jobs worth millions of dollars to his supporters. He says he is simply hiring "first-class people."

Okay, I guess it's possible there was no quid pro quo, and Gansler and Johnson are just kindred corrupt self-serving politicians.

There are some other WaPo stories that give you a taste for Gansler and his self-promoting grandstanding. I don't see them on line, so I'm blogging them here.

And don't miss Gansler on the Daily Show.


At 9:00 AM, Blogger Yockel said...

I can tell you what's up with Jack Johnson. He is corrupt and sold out. Did you read the story in the Post about his crony contracts to campaign workers and frat brothers?

Johnson spend 3.3 million tax dollars on his buddies who did little and nothing in return. That's enough money to pay 55 teachers. We could have staffed an entire school.

No wonder that crime is out of control and the education system defunct in Prince George's County. Johnson is too busy playing games.

The Gansler deal is only more of the same.

Thank heavens is challenging Johnson. If we want what we deserve then we need to boot the machine politicians.

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